30 July 2010

New Feature

What's Going On?
-Pretty Moment is having their SALES now. Anyone who added them on facebook are entitled to 10% discount. Click.
-CRAZY SALE Today! ONLY Today. At LuvMyDresses. Postage still free. Click.
- CHANCE is having SALE. Click.
- The Lion Kueen is going on a half year haitus. And they're having a SALE. Click.
- Blogmuffins added a new feature! Called "Inspired By". Hope everyone loves it as much as I do. This feature will be replacing "What's In My Bag?"

Pearl Knit Blouse;Pink- thepoplook,RM59
Foxy Tail Handbag Charm- Soak Republic,RM47
Black Vintage Bag- Vintage Biri-Biri,RM159
Chunky Necklace- Take A Break 's',RM30
Polka Dot Shorts,Grey,JUJU*MILKY,RM45

When I saw this look the first thing I noticed was the fake fox. A little creepy but adorable! Get your own foxtail (without the head) at Soak Republic!

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