29 July 2010

What's Going On?
-Here is a preview of Whitesoot. Opening soon on the 10th of August. Click.
-Blu & Blak is having a massive SALE right now. Everything is now below RM40. Ends 2nd August. Click.
- I Shirt You Not is having a promotion. Buy any 2 shirts for RM65 RM60. Click.

From top left:
1. Silky Fairy; 2. Black Toga; 3. Katie Candy Orange; 4. Lace Poof Up; 5. Bad Hair Day Tee; 6. Grecian Goddess; 7. Shot Myself Tee; 8. Pink Muslimah Blouse;

From top left:
1. Black/White Sunnies; 2. Black Fedora; 3. Grey Longchamp Backpack; 4. Pink Mulberry; 5. Black Heels; 6. Leather High Heels Sandals; 7. Brown Clogs; 8. Cinchers;

From top left:
1. Black Panel Dress ; 2. Red Long Sleeve; 3. Cotton On Willow Cardi; 4. Purple Kimono Dress; 5. Black Floral Flats Size 37; 6. Vincci Flats Size 8; 7. Stripey Top; 8. Blackberry Bold 9700;

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