29 August 2012

Highstreet Shopping

Shift Dress with Crochet Sleeve, RM69, COVETZ.COM

wtih Highstreet Brands such as..
Pearl Surround Spike Ring, £6.50, TOPSHOP.COM

If you LOVE you buy highstreet brands, you may not want to look back on unbranded items. But as the fashion world here changes, the options available varies too! And it does not hurt to browse, you may find something that would turn into a favourite and would match with the other clothes in your wardrobe!

To those who are on a budget, we offer here some inspirations to style your dress. Do not be discouraged by the prices! We are confident that there are items on the market that offer similar styles with lower prices.


  1. I bought that Shift Dress from COVETZ.COM, it's very nice and affordable!

  2. Thanks for sharing, going to check out this online shop .