29 May 2012

Quick Update, Pics from Markets@JayaOne

Last Saturday,we went to Markets6@JayaOne. Althought our stay was unfortunately brief (2hours), but we managed to take a bunch of pictures, tried some food, and browsed (even bought) some items. It was a hot day, so we applaud those who dressed impeccably in that weather, as well as all the vendors, especially those who were under the sun.
Scroll down to enjoy the photos!

Just starting to have people..

Got super-awesome fliers for FoodBites.NOMZ! Ice-cream potong teh tarik was worth our RM6!

Really beautiful paper products/notebooks/etc

Q-ing up for them goodie bag totes! What is in them totes?


Had the beef one,it was yummy!


We love them heels. little birdie and heart kept falling off thou :p

The Bee got plenty of business!

Full on Swag. We love KUALA LOCO

Vintage Goodies. Who bought the tiny vintage baby?

Pestle&Mortar as well we there as always.

Pestle & Mortar: their staff were all so stylist, happening place right here!

Puppies for adoption, did anyone adopt the puppies? Send us a pic!

Gorgeous clutches

There was a lot of lining up going on ;)

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