03 May 2012

Pretty Chase

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We recently got our hands on some garments from Pretty Chase!
The items we chose arrived safely in a perfectly folded, bow-tied, plastic wrapped packaged. Just one day after it was posted! Needless to say, we were very pleased with how the garments were treated and packaged.

What we picked:

To celebrate this spring/summer season, we have picked pastel colors with basic cutting as it is easier to match and can be styled in many ways for basically anyone. Both materials are comfortable to wear and are easy to dry as well after washing.

In the drawing:
Edelweiss is paired with Pretty Chase's Only Lace Skirt (Black)
Korsa B is paired with Pretty Chase's Jaclyn Rugged Pants (Black)

Picture Time!

 Edelweiss Tank Top paired with neon pink chunky necklace (own)

Focus on the details

Korsa B coupled with the same chunky necklace

Neatly folded

Casual Style with Glitter Lips and Chunky Necklace!

What we love!
If you look closely at the photos at the stitching of the garments, you can see that they are done quite nicely. They do not dissapoint,ladies. The people behind Pretty Chase know what they are doing and quality is very important to them, you can see it by the way they showcase their products on their website, by their packaging and also by the quality of their clothes.

They aslo provide International Deliveries, one of their special points, so if any of you are outstation and in need of cheap but pretty clothes, you know where to get them ;)
Their FAQ page is also well done that any customers,including newbie online shoppers, will have no problem navigating the website, as they have a detailed walkthrough on how to purchase from their online shop.

So we think after this post, most of your readers would like to know more about the shop and what they have to offer. Links are provided below :)


  1. Hi, do you mind telling where did you buy the necklace please ? Thanks :)

  2. Hi! Its from Forever 21. If not mistaken should be around RM40+ :)