28 November 2011

What's Going On?
- Calomi Fashion is having a RM100 Shopping Voucher Christmas Giveaway!! Click For More..
- Fashion Aware Boutique 2nd Giveaway!- 70% Off Voucher + entitled to join 3rd Giveaway to win great stuff including iPad, Blackberry Bold, Pedicure, Brazillian Wax and more. So if you want to get your hands on those amazing 3rd Giveaway prizes, quickly join the 2nd! Click For More..

From Left:
1. Eyelet Babydoll (Preloved); 2. Chiffon Black Tunic; 3. Chiffon Snake Tunic; 4. Baseball Jacket (Preorder); 5. Grecian Dress; 6. Topshop Inspired Bodycon Dress; 7. Simple Maxi Dress; 8. Red Palazzo;

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