13 February 2011

The V Neck

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 V-neck T-shirts look great on both guys and girls. This type of T-shirt are usually form fitting and has a V shape going down the middle. They come in basic colours and with printed graphics but most people like to wear in basic as it is easier to match, especially white.

Normally boys who wear these kind of shirts are stylish indie boys, who you may see quite frequently on V-necks are are they're signature style, not to say that they don't look good in plaid, they do, but there's just something special about them V-necks don't you think? ;)

Generally guys who have toned muscle arms look gorgeous in those shirt,like Mr. Dan Humphrey here. Pair it with dark jeans,leather or denim jacket and the look is complete! I  recommend not to wear any V-neck to guys who have chest hair because it might be a turn off for some girls. Yay or Nay?

Girls,however on the other hand, can wear V-necks with more variety. They can pair it with jeans,shorts,leggings or even a bondage skirt..depending on the look they're going with. Blazer and a jacket works well, with the V-neck shape adding a little oomph to the look. Short,small necklaces are one of the good accessories to pair it with. A defined collarbone is a perfect advantage to this look as the collarbone is exposed,showing off great bone structure.

Oversized V-necks,which can be found in places such as FOS, can be worn with shorts and sandals to the beach. Wear bracelets or anklets as accessories and huge sunglasses to match.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend. Maybe you should start the week with a V-neck ;)

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