01 December 2010


Blogmuffins is back and we have something new for our readers. Introducing JIPABAN! Boredom is impossible as Jipaban is like your own personal online mall. You could even decide which floor to place your shops in! Isn't that awesome? Also, contacting friends in Jipaban is made easy as they are enhanced with social networking features like Wish list,Egg-on List and not to forget..Twitter. Tweet Tweet! Note that this is a sponsored post.

This is how your mall looks like. Simple and easy to go through.
Next,is a video to show you what Jipaban is all about.

Have no fret retailers! Jipaban also has something for you. Shoppers aren't the only ones that are allowed to customize their can customize your own shop to make it look as gorgeous as you want. They have a multi-tier system with different pricing for retailers to have the flexibility to opt for their preferred memberships. You can view how POPULAR, how much PROFITS and the revenue of shops too! All in one site.

MYFavoritees and Quirky Brown Cow!

No need to email sellers back and fourth about payments anymore,you can easily select internet banking through Maybank,UOB bank and more. And for international buyers,Paypal is also available online! So as you can see,there are three steps to go through before your stuff is ready to be shipped. First,choose your payment and delivery method. Next,fill in your details and after that you are done.
So why not try and sign up at Jipaban now? :)

If you would like to know more check out their:

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