10 October 2010

Hello Loves<3

  Yesterday my friend and I stopped by for the Chicpop event at the TTDI Plaza in the afternoon. We got there early so it wasn't as crowded. Got me some swag too(:

  As you can see,I didn't buy much stuff. I took lots of pretty little cards and bought a few trinklets for my keychain. First place I stopped by was at Zikkos and went all agaga at their rings. This. This. And This. My friend bought this ring.

I love those green oxfords :(

  Then we stopped by at Like iGloo, at which my friend purchased a tie dye top after we rounded the place about 3 times. Took the picture with my phone and talked with the owner. None of her friends wanted to help her work she said, after I asked why she was working alone :P

  After that we just walked around,bought a shirt at Pestle & Mortar, the guy and the girl was very nice. I bought my pea chain at Soak Republic and my triklets at The Aura. So pretty! I'm very happy with my little purchases. Saw TONS of bags from The Survival Store. All of which looks very nice.

Not really crowded when we came. So it was quite comfortable.


  1. really wanna go there yesterday...but can't make it cz lots of work to done.!!sigh...!

  2. dearie, the second picture is from which store ya??? ^^