23 September 2010

What's Going On?
- Blogmuffins has added a new LINK section for blogshops ( below Links: I Love) for viewers who are from everywhere except Malaysia. One of them-Intricate Frocks- is a newly set up blog and they have polls at the bottom of their page. Based in Melborne,Australia. Click.

So if you guys know blogshops from outside of Malaysia (Australia,Philippines,Indonesia etc.), just email me the link and I'll put it up! :)

From Top Left:
1. Charm Bracelet; 2. Glittery Denim Purse; 3. Net This One; 4. Striped Down And Laced; 5. Eiffel Tower Earring; 6. Gucci Secret Sacthel; 7. Black And Gold Dangle Earring; 8. Braided Top;

From Top Left:
1. Little Ribbon Top; 2. Lace Singlet; 3. Blue Top; 4. White Top; 5. Whole Lotta Love; 6. Red Google Vest; 7. Panasonic Epilator ; 8. Long Purple Nicci Top;

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