06 June 2010

Mini Reviews and something nice (:

From top left:
1. Boyfriend Denim; 2. Pearl Knit Blouse; 3. Topshop Inspired Dress; 4. Stripped dress; 5. Headband; 6. Floral Leggings; 7. Monkey Coin Purse; 8. DIY Japanese Cotton.

Blogmuffins note:

Hello fellow dear blogmuffin readers..
I have decided to have a giveaway of 10 Handmade Giftbags PLUS Goodies once we reach 100 followers!

Once we have 100 followers,we will post up a post where you can comment to win said giftbags and goodies. And here's the catch--you have to be a follower.
So tell your friends :)
In the meantime,I'll get those goodies ready.


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