29 June 2010

From top left:
1. Vintage Tunic; 2. Pink Chiffon Top; 3. Simple Working Dress; 4. Toga Floral; 5. Nighty Lace; 6. Braided Navy Dress; 7. Stripe Bikini; 8. Red Dress; 9. Khaki; 10. Nude Hightwaist; 11. Yukata Pouch (Lilac); 12. Slingbag (Camel Brown)


Vogue Nation is giving a voucher worth RM100 to a lucky someone. Use it for any item,anytime. No expiry date!

Here's how:
Step 1: Join Vogue Nation on Facebook.
Step 2: Write your Name and Email Address on our their wall to enter the contest.

And then they will post up a video of the winner once 100 people comment on their wall with those details.

Click Here For More.

Next mini review: Accesories!

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