26 April 2010

My Blogshop Purchase 1#

Hello! I've actually only started online shopping just recently,after looking at numerous blogshops for about half a year,just before I started this blog. I did it mostly because I had the money from my job (but I resigned).
So far I haven't had any bad experience blogshopping,but I've only bought 3 items so far! :P
But with money flowing and no income,I decided to stop any kind of shopping for now.

SO anyways! The reason of this post is to show my purchases. I bought this top in a blogshop called Blissfully Beautiful ,the owner was great and I got my stuff within a few days :D
I love my peachy pink Ladora and would love to shop there again.

If you like the top,there is a similar one selling, Click Stara.

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