05 April 2010

Leggings my now favorite

Chic to the bone.

Cat in the Bowl
Dolly Oversized Tunic (RM38)

also comes in white.

The Black Apple

The Black Apple offers a variety of leggings,which,thanks to Lookbook are now quite a trend. Unfortunately,the more popular ones (like zebra,polkadotted,hearts etc.) are sold out. But fret not! Because there are plenty more gorgeous ones..

A-Miss leopard (my favorite among all four;)
B- Miss Netty (a subtler version of fishnets?)
C-Checker Xs (my pic for my 'model')
D-Miss Leaf (very unique but it looks extra good on slim legs)

Visit the site to see more.Yes there is more!

That's it. Happy Shopping :)

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