07 April 2010

Cream and Black

Dotty Dotz
Cream Crotchet Top-RM35
The Hike Up Pants-RM25

When I first stumbled upon her blog (mostly selling preloved I guess), I saw that picture and thought that the pairing was really cute and gorgeous and I just had to draw it out as its original pairing. The price is affordable too!
The top looks very nice and sweet.


I know it's a little expensive..but look at those rings! I am SO in love with it, skulls are in now. Kudos to thepoplook! If I wasn't so broke right now,I so would buy it :D
My gosh it looks so gorgeous. Dark silver is a fantastic choice! And them studs are great too..more subtle than the skulls but really gorgeous. Classy rocker gal (:
Check out more of their badass stuff on their website.

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