30 November 2009

Advertising In Blogmuffins

Now that Blogmuffins viewers have increased,we decided to open up advertising space.

Take Note:
Type of ad will be moving. It will be scrolling from right to left continously.
We will only accept ads in jpeg. or png. formats.
Ads is fixed at 150 x 200 px
You can request how long (in weeks) for your ad to run. However,maximum is 4 weeks. You can book to extend if you wish, but only after those 4 weeks are up.
You can change your ad banner anytime that you like,as long as it follows the guidelines.
You can pick the weeks when you want your ad to be up.
The ads is able to be directed to their respective blogshops.
Please provide your own banner according to our fixed size.
Limited: 6 slots only. So what all ads can be seen without waiting too long.

Payment to be made via Alliance Bank
We will need a picture of payment receipt once you have gone through with payment.
*Rates may change as views increase,only because we have limited advertising space.

**Guidelines may change from time to time.

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